About us

Wholesaler of paper and printing materials, industrial chemicals, cosmetic raw materials and industrial packaging.

A company of traditional values, youthful enthusiasm, high professionalism with a clear and optimistic vision of the future.

More than 2000 satisfied customers. 72 years of tradition and quality.

Radin - O nama slika


We are truly versatile. Browsing through our offer, you can notice that we operate in numerous industries. Each branch has its own regulations and technical details. Our employees are continuing to learn every day to provide excellent technical and commercial support to our customers - partners.


It all starts with listening. Through communication we feel the beat of the market, we try to predict in which direction the demands of our customers will move in order to be ready to offer a quality solution at the right time. Modern business does not tolerate waiting, but insists on a solution even before the problem arises.

Important years


Radin - Grafika d.o.o. changes its name to Radin d.o.o.


Expansion of activities to the distribution of industrial packaging


Introduction of ISO9001/14001:2015 certifications


Expansion of activities to the distribution of industrial chemicals and cosmetic raw materials


Obtaining a license for the collection and storage of wastepaper and cardboard by key numbers 20 01 01 and 15 01 01


RADIN-GRAFIKA becomes the owner of the FSC® (License Code: FSC-C110974) certificate, which we regularly renew (FSC certificate verification)


We are starting to mediate in organizing the recovery and disposal of paper waste


Moving to a new location in Sveta Nedelja


Significant expansion of the sales range


Opening of customs warehouse


The production of chemical agents begins to operate


Ink mixing is available at RADIN-GRAFIKA


The company Radin buys Grafika, and RADIN-GRAFIKA is created - a combination of youth and experience


Radin is founded


Grafika is founded


RADIN d.o.o. is committed to the systematic and effective management of the quality of its products and services and to the responsible and effective management of environmental protection.

The quality management system is based on the principles of focusing on meeting the requirements and meeting customer expectations, on the continuous improvement of the process and the development of partnerships with a focus on the quality and safety of all our products.

We believe that quality is the key reason for achieving and maintaining a high level of customer confidence in our company, as well as the manufacturers we represent, and is a platform for achieving sustainable growth and development.
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 Radin - Zaštita okoliša


Through continuous training to provide our partners with the best possible cooperation and products with an attitude towards business that always leaves a positive impression at all levels.


To further strengthen our position as a regional distribution leader of graphic materials and equipment, and to become the first association in the procurement of industrial chemicals and packaging.

Certificates, quality policy, careers...

Radin d.o.o. - holder of FSC® and ISO certification

Ikona certifikat


The quality of our products is our ongoing commitment.

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Ikona politika kvalitete

Quality policy

We are focused on systematic and efficient quality management.

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Are you interested in becoming a part of our team?

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